Simple steps to apply for Gclub membership

Simple steps to apply for Gclub membership

When it comes to applying for Gclub membership, you can simply follow these easy steps:

Add line ID

You can simply add a line ID to gclub with a given link. The Gclub is always waiting to serve you on 24/7 with a team of over 150 professionals. When you add a line, you can simply type a word register for the Gclub call centre and they will response you instantly to fill out it. Also, the following information is available on the internet that includes name, i.e. surname, phone number, account number, bank details and ID line if any.

Once you fill out the above information to apply for Gclub call centre successfully, then the call centre will verify the complete information by such process. This would takes around less than three minutes and after that, the call centre will transmit the account number information for the Gclub customers in order to transfer your money.

Deposit your money to begin playing Gclub

After getting an account number of Gclub through a line call centre, you can simply deposit money to begin playing on Gclub. The customers can also transfer money in order to open a member account with us instantly. Usually, the Gclub has no fee for account opening and the entire transferred funds will be credited to your account for playing and the customers can withdraw instantly, whenever they need. The following are deposit conditions for opening an account:

  • Open user for an initial time and deposit minimum 300 baht and next, you can deposit and withdraw on Gclub with no minimum.
  • You can also withdraw 500 baht or above with limitless amount of times and can both deposit and withdraw on 24/7.
  • Withdraws less than 500 baht can be easily withdrawn once per day

Get your username and password to begin playing baccarat and online gambling

You just wait for a username and password of Gclub instantly. The call centre will transmit a link in order to play on Gclub and also know how to download a royal online V2 app. If the customers have any queries or doubts, they can simply ask a call centre instantly on 24/7.

Conditions and user policies to apply as a Gclub member

  • The Gclub accepts transfers from an account number in which the customer has applied for only membership. That should have suggestion of money transfer in a slip confirm each time
  • The gclub does not even agree consumers who are deceitful or insulting, if any fake procedures held in any way and the team decision are final
  • The complete member information will be retained private
  • Those who want to become a member should be over 18 years of age
  • Members please utilize their own discretion while placing bets; because the gambling is at risk and the members should utilize their own personal money
  • They do not accept money transfers from the account that is not member with Gclub
  • If it is a transfer through cash deposit machine, you can write a user on slip each time

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